Saturday, July 16, 2016

waiting on our little man.

It seems like a long time ago that I wrote about our pregnancy announcement. But, these last 38 weeks have also flown by. We are only a few weeks out from meeting our baby boy and I can’t even begin to describe all of the things I am feeling. Today, I am currently feeling annoyed. Annoyed that I have so much pressure and annoyed that he hasn’t even made an effort to come any earlier. Rude. But, I am asking Jesus for help to not complain--simply because the gift of this baby boy is a true blessing. We are over the moon excited to meet him, to hold him, to kiss him, to hear him cry, to introduce him to Tripp. From the moment we found out we were having a little boy, I struggled to dream up a nursery for him. I struggled because I didn’t even know where to begin. I struggled because, uhm, he is a baby and he simply won’t care at all. Even when he is able to care, he won’t and he will destroy it. But whatever. I realized that I couldn’t obsess over it, because those details didn’t necessarily matter. What I did want was a space that I felt comfortable to be in, a space that I could nurse him and rock him and pray for him. 

We had some maternity pictures taken a few weeks ago. I hadn’t planned on having any done. I haven’t felt the prettiest or the cutest being pregnant and I really didn’t think I would want to document any of that. But, I thought I might regret it if I didn’t have something to remember this season by. So, my friend took some pictures of me and Dustin, of the nursery, and of Tripp. They turned out great and I am so thrilled that we got them done. Mer did a great job of capturing parts of the nursery that I love as well as our little family.